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​Payments £180
Total Debt
​Repayable £10,800
Write Off
73% Saving £29,200


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Why choose IVAorg and our new, more ethical approach to IVAs

IVAorg, changing the way IVAs work for you

IVA failure protection pledge IVAorg’s unique pledge protects you against the threat of losing thousands of pounds in IVA fees, in the event your IVA was to fail through no fault of your own.

Faster & Fairer payment promise Our unique and fairer approach towards IVA fees means that your creditors will start accruing payments right from your very first IVA payment.

Debt Forgiveness Your creditors will be legally obliged to write-off any outstanding balances still left unpaid at the end of your IVA, guaranteeing to leave you debt free.

Protects your home equity An IVA protects your equity because it stops your creditors from taking recovery action against you that could force you to sell your home.

Stops legal action An IVA forces creditors to stop any recovery action from being taken against you, removing the threat of any bailiff visits or you being made bankrupt.

Freezes interest and charges An IVA forces creditors to freeze all interest and stop late payment charges being added to the debts in the IVA, ensuring that your debts stop growing.

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All profits generated through our insolvency practice, or as a result of our IVA activities, are used to further our company’s social objectives, specifically to assist in the relief of poverty for people living in the UK.

This means that if you successfully complete your IVA using IVAorg CIC's services, you are also directly helping us to assist vulnerable members of your community who are also struggling to control their debts.

Repay only the debt you can afford.

Are you struggling to keep up with your debt repayments each month?

An Individual Voluntary Arrangement, or IVA, can reduce the cost of your debt to a single, more affordable, monthly repayment.

It can provide you with legal protection from your creditors and has the power to stop CCJs and bailiff visits in their tracks.

It has a fixed repayment term, normally set to 5 years, after which any outstanding debt is legally written off - leaving you debt free.

An IVA is a powerful alternative to bankruptcy with the capacity to protect assets and incomes that might be otherwise vulnerable under the bankruptcy process.

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