About IVAorg CIC

IVAorg CIC is a 'Not for Profit' organisation, a company limited by guarantee, which is run for public benefit rather than shareholder returns, our main aim being to provide practical and ethical debt advice to anyone experiencing financial problems.

We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Firm Reference Number (FRN) 684439

Data Protection Registered ZA033231

Company Number: 08560305 Registered in England & Wales at:

Suite 201,
Unit 9,
St Georges Court,
Altrincham Business Park,
Dairyhouse Lane,
WA14 5UA

About Our Services

We are committed to providing all our clients with a high quality and friendly service at every opportunity.

We do this primarily through our freephone helpline service or though our insolvency practice activities.

However, on occasion we may fall short of the high standards we set for ourselves and have, therefore, put in place the following complaints procedure.

Our Free Helpline

IVAorg CIC operates a freephone helpline. All our advice and support provided through the helpline is free.

All our advice is completely confidential and comes without any obligation.

Through our guidance and advice you will be able to make an informed decision on your best way forward, whilst learning about the actions you can take to stop creditors taking action against you.

Whilst we are IVA specialists, we are FCA authorised and licensed to provide advice on all your alternative debt solutions, including:

  • IVAs.
  • Bankruptcy.
  • Debt Management Plans.
  • Debt Relief Orders.

No matter how large or small your debt problem is, we can help you find the best solution to suit your personal circumstances.

Our Insolvency Practitioner

IVAorg CIC is a licensed insolvency practice which is regulated and authorised as a Member Firm of the Insolvency Practitioners Association (IPA): Membership Number 901064

Our Insolvency Practitioner, Suzanne Payne, is licenced to act in the UK as an Insolvency Practitioner by the Insolvency Practitioners Association and she is bound by the insolvency code of ethics in carrying out all professional work relating to an insolvency appointment. IPA Membership Number 100358

As with all insolvency practices, we do charge fees for the IVA services we provide.

Click here to find out more about our unique ethical approach to IVA fees.

Why Use IVAorg CIC's Services?

All our IVAs are processed internally by our Insolvency Practice and our in-house team of IVA specialists and all benefit from IVAorg’s Unique pledge.

All profits generated through our insolvency practice, or as a result of our IVA activity, are used to further our company’s social objectives, specifically to assist in the relief of poverty for people living in the UK.

This means that if you successfully complete your IVA using IVAorg CIC's services, you are also directly helping us to assist vulnerable members of your community who are also struggling to control their debts.

More About IVAorg

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