COVID-19: Update

The team at IVAorg are committed to keeping our free helpline open. In the space of just a few days, life has changed completely for all of us. We hope you are managing to adapt during this very difficult time and whatever happens, we are still here and will continue to give guidance, support and advice to all those experiencing financial difficulties during this uncertain time.


IVA Calculator: Generate your Free Debt Report

Is an IVA right for you?

Use the UKs most powerful IVA calculator to find out which debt solution is right for you.

The debt calculator will analyse your personal circumstances providing a detailed 'easy to digest' debt report with a recommendation of the most suitable solution for you to become debt free.

What's Included in Your Personalised Debt Report

Comparison Chart Your debt report will provide you with your unique and 'easy to digest' debt comparison chart, detailing the pros and cons of each of your available solutions.

Detailed Analysis Read the full explanation of your recommended debt solution, discover the reasons for our decision and see why we eliminated the less suitable alternatives.

Options Available Finally, as we don't indulge in high pressure sales calls, we invite you to choose from 3 different options, telling us just how you wish to proceed with your enquiry.